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超級優惠 - 聲頻療癒 + 推油按摩抗疫療程
(Therapy Code: no. 4, 8 ,9 & Super 1)

No. 4 - 全身香薰推油按摩療程

60 分鍾 HK$400

Super 1 - 超級
頌缽 + 音叉聲頻治療抗疫療程 + 全身香薰推油按摩療程 最多人選(Most Popular Booking)

90 分鐘 HK$650
* 音叉療程加做前胸線振頻療程,前胸線是主宰人體的整個免疫系統
* 加送五感觀煙共振療癒法
* 加送白鼠尾草/秘魯聖木軀走體內負能量煙燻抗疫療法

No. 8 - 頌缽 + 音叉聲頻治療抗疫療程 + 全身香薰推油按摩療程(七折) 最多人選(Most Popular Booking)

90 分鐘 HK$490(七折)
原價: HK$700 折扣後: HK$490
* 音叉療程加做前胸線振頻療程,前胸線是主宰人體的整個免疫系統
* 加送五感觀煙共振療癒法
* 加送白鼠尾草/秘魯聖木軀走體內負能量煙燻抗疫療法

No. 9 - 超級抗疫聲頻療癒法(七折) 最多人選(Most Popular Booking)

150 分鐘 HK$840(七折)
原價: HK$1,200 折扣後: HK$840
1. 頌缽及音叉抗疫療程
2. 全身推拿/香薰推油按摩
3. 天然熱石療程
4. 全身天然磨砂潔膚療程
5. 五感觀煙共振療法
6. 人體七輪色彩療法
7. 中藥古方沐足熱水按摩療程
8. 教授如何運用 Sa Ta Na Ma 冥想
9. 軀走體內負能量白鼠尾草/秘魯聖木煙燻抗疫療法

No. 4 - Aromatherapy Full Body Oil Massage

60 Minutes HK$400.

Super 1: Buy 1 Get 1 Fee
Singing Bowl & Tuning Fork Sound Therapy combined with Aromatherapy Full Body Oil Massage/Anti-Epidemic/Most Popular Booking

90 Minutes HK$650
Free Bonus:
* Extra Tuning Fork treatment on chest line
* Free 5 Senses flowing smoke watching incense healing treatment
* Free White Sage/Palo Santo Holy Wood Smudging Treatment

No. 8 - Singing Bowl & Tuning Fork Sound Therapy combined with Aromatherapy Full Body Oil Massage 30 % Off /Anti-Epidemic/Most Popular Booking

90 Minutes HK$490(30% Off)
Original Price: HK$700
After Discount: HK$490
Free Bonus:
* Extra Tuning Fork treatment on chest line
* Free 5 Senses flowing smoke watching incense healing treatment
* Free White Sage/Palo Santo Holy Wood Smudging Treatment

No. 9 - Super Anti-Epidemic Sound Therapy 30 % Off/Most Popular Booking

150 Minutes HK$840(30 % Off)
Original Price: HK$1,200
After Discount: HK$840
Including the following treatments:
1. Singing Bowl & Tuning Fork Sound Therapy
2. Aromatherapy Full Body Oil Massage
3. Hot Stone Healing Therapy
4. All Natural Full Body Scrub
5. 5 Senses Flowing Smoke Watching Incense Healing Treatment
6. Color Therapy combined with Angel Tuner & Crystal 7 Chakra Healing
7, Chinese Herbal Hot Foot Spa
8. Teaching Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation
9. White Sage/Palo Santo Holy Wood Smudging Treatment

最超值添加療程 Best Value Add-On Therapy

Customer Reviews

GREAT EXPERIENCE "I recently had a massage with AK and I didn't know much about the type of therapy he practices. He explained everything very well to me and it was interesting to learn a bit about it. I had a body scrub, singing bowl and tuning fork massage and oil massage. It was an experience like no other I have had before. I felt completely calm and relaxed the entire time from the moment I walked into his place. I left feeling very relaxed and positive. Since then, I have slept well each night which was something I had been having difficulty with for some time before I went to AK.If you're looking for a unique and professional massage experience, this is the place to go!"
James came from Hong Kong

"Akis offers a massage experience that is different from the usual. A combination of Thai stretching, Sweden muscle and Chinese therapies combined with Singing Bowl Therapy to help relax and sooth. Although a call-out service is available. It's also really interesting to visit Akis rooms and experience the"real Hong Kong" This is a sincere therapy by a well-trained massage professional. I highly recommend Akis for an experience that helps relax and restore well-being."
Michael came from Australia

"First visit and very impressed. A very kind thoughtful and sincere experience. A very knowledgeable and experienced gentleman. Great experience all around."
Alan came from Hong Kong

"This is the fourth time I visited AK for the best massage in Hong Kong so far, it's really professional and relaxing. The place is pretty zen feeling and with a great atmosphere together with nice music. The whole process was awesome, I am totally impressed by his professional skills and it's make you feel so comfortable and relax."
Blue came from Hong Kong

"Akis's massage is the one of the best I've had, Strong hands make sure you get the best experience and leave you refreshed and relaxed. Your whole body will ting ling all over from the massage. Give your body a treat and try his massage and you will feel good all over.
Mohamed Shah Rezel came from Singapore

"AK Hug Massage: splendid services, personal pick up service, personal warm welcome, personal touch for prefect infused massage and extra comfortable massage area. I walked out as I had a new body. I can highly recommended AK."
Johnny came from Australia/Hong Kong

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If you’re looking for a healthy and strong Asian Man, I’m  your True Professional Massage & Sound Therapist in Hong Kong.

You will enjoy my own  brand body scrub for your full body scrub treatment. Your skin at once become very soft, smooth, health regeneration after treatment.

You never try you never know what is Sound Massage Therapy? A  Must-Do Singing Bowl & Tuning Fork Sound Experience at least once in your lifetime. You don’t need luck to feel better, you just need a Sound Massage from AK or join AK Anti-Epidemic Sound Therapy Self-Healing Half-Day Workshop to discover the benefits of Singing Bowl and Tuning Fork.

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