Too Many Men To Touch………

Too Little Time For Me………….

WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE“Special, sincere and personal touch. Great blend of various massage and therapy techniques giving you a sensational experience.“
Came from Hong Kong
GREAT MASSAGE“This was a fantastic massage, AK was a great host and a very skilful masseur. It was one of the best massages I ever had. The singing bowl & tuning fork was an added bonus and something a bit different. My whole body felt much better and will definitely go back again.“
Came from Hong Kong

Akiss Tan

Founder of AK Hug Massage
Sound TherapyHK
Sound Therapy Workshop

“One of my US Customers SF Saying......AK works with you to choose the right pressure and uses a variety of techniques, authentic, and talented! If you're not sure what to choose amongst many of the listings online, do yourself a favor and choose AK. You won't regret it!”

A UNIQUE TOUCH “We were welcomed to AK's cozy earthy studio, with 3 hours back to back massage booked. What can I say, brilliant delivered! Some really unique moved we've definitely never experienced before, and eased our travel stress instantly. If I go back to HK and need a good rub. I'll go for AK, so should you?"
Zhipeng & Partner came from Australia
SPLENDID SERVICES "AK Hug Massage: splendid services, personal pick up service, personal warm welcome, personal touch for perfect infused massage and extra comfortable massage area. I walked out as I had a new body. I can highly recommend AK."
Johnny came from Australia
GREAT "Excellent person, professional services, helpful and above all, the important thing is that he really is a massage therapist. I recommend."
Julio came from Venezuela
GREAT SCRUB & MASSAGE"I went to AK for his scrub and massage combination for 150 mins. AK has a well setup area for massage with a huge range of oils and lotions. He gives a mix of styles in his massage and his hands are strong and his touch hits all the right pressure points. I left AK feeling rejuvenated with muscle stress gone. Be sure to try AK next time you are in HK."
Tony came from Australia
RELAX "If you want a real massage, then you have to go to Akis. The best massage I had have in HK! I can highly recommended AK."
Werner came from US
BEST MASSEUR IN TOWN "Had 90 fantastic minutes with a mix of oil massage and herbal balls massage. AK is a wonderful masseur, deep and soft at the same time. Can warmly recommend and will come again next time in town"
Partick came from Germany

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“You Can’t Buy Happenis, But You Can Buy A Relaxing Massage & a Sound Therapy From AK!”