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Singing Bowl Sound Therapy?
" When a sick man is "nourish" by the right kind of sounds,
the cells in his body start to vibrate and re-organize
themselves according to their divine blueprint"
Singing Bowl Sound Massage is a combination between the sound of the bowl through the ear, over
the eardrum and into the brain and the vibration of the bowl through the flesh of the body that causes
the harmonizing, de-stressing effect of the bowls. When the inner harmony is distubred we loose our
equilibrium. Every day stress makes us prone to illness and impairs our quality of life. Through sound
therapy such as tensions and blockages in mind, body, and soul can be gently loosened.
Singing Bowl Re-Awaken the Healing
Powers within the Body

頌缽 - 來自喜馬拉雅山區,頌缽是由金、銀、銅、鐵、鍚、鉛、汞七種金屬合製而成。透過頌缽發出的音頻,

相信聽過 [ 頌缽聲頻治療 ] 的人不多,AK 察覺香港人生活緊張,他將頌缽療程包括聲音按摩(Sound
Massage、聲頻治療(Sound Therapy)、平衡脈輪(Chakra Balancing)引進香港同志按摩行業,幫助大家

只要 AK 將頌缽一敲,就可以讓您即時進入身心舒緩
— real Scientific™ facts from the International Academy of
Sound Therapy on Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy
AK 將頌缽一敲,就可以讓您即時進入身心舒緩的狀態
A Must-Do Singing Bowl Experience
At Least Once In Your Lifetime
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Benefits of Singing Bowl
Sound Massage
  • Stress reducation through relax and endorphin release
  • Relieve pain and discomfort
  • Detoxification down to the cellular and bone deep level
  • Chakra balancing & Aura hamonizing
  • Release emotional trauma locked within the
  • Relief from headaches, insomnia,  digestive issues, joint
    or muscle pain, emotional imbalances
  • Prefound on acupuncture meridians
  • Deeper sleep
  • Synchroization of right and left hemispheres of brain
  • Awakens body's natural healing mechanism to heal itself
Singing Bowl is excellent tool for restructuring the energy of the body and improving the
processing of energy by the Chakra. The important od the Chakra in general haelth is becoming
more widly known.

The Sanskrit word Chakra means" Wheel ". Chakras are seen as energy wheels, turning around
clock or counter-clockwise. Seven major energy centers are located along the spine and in the
head. Many smaller, less powerful ceters are distributed over the entire body. Like a transfer
station, each Chakra drews upon the cosmic reservior of unlimited life energy. It directs the
transformed energy to flow through the proper naids(the energy channels or meridian system)
and controla the functions of body orgams and tissues
                                    Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

"I was very curious to see AK sound vibrational massage through his website, so I booked 90 minutes sound massage session with
him. I’ve never heard about Singing Bowl and no idea what was it exactly, then AK told me about it, its use and history, I was
already excited to try my first singing bowl sound therapy. I felt my whole body was just giving into vibration and sound. It was a
amazing meditative journeys. As AK activated his singing bowl, I could immediately feel the vibrations in my minds, eye flowing like
waves into my body and felt the healing properties of the singing bowl sound washing through my body and let go of my fears.
OMG! I felt myself went into a sense of stillness, peace, serenity and calm.

I have several painful issues with my body; sound massage helped my back pain, neck pain, opened my mind and calmed me.
My whole experience was really out of body, well not out of body but in body, but off somewhere, I was in AK wonderful place
while it was happening, not to-be-missed in Hong Kong."

                                     Manson Davis (came from US) posted his reviews for me at www.travelgayasia.com/30-11-2017

Healing Therapy
Singing Bowl Sound Vibration
Chakra Healing with
Singing Bowl
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AK 會將頌缽木槌敲擊頌缽外緣,使它發出深沉,和諧而悠遠的聲音振動,引動體內分子共振達致治療效
果。AK 會根據人體的三脈七輪的位置,將頌缽放在您的身旁或放在您的身上。當頌缽運行時,您的體內
Singing Bowl Sound Therapy & Massage Therapy
Code Numbers
2, 6 & 8(Hotel Out-Call Rates)
Singing Bowl Sound Therapy & Massage Therapy
Code Numbers
3, 8, 16 & 19(In-Call Rates)
AK is very proud of his powerful massage experience and brought in the exclusive Hong Kong
Singing Bowl Gay Therapy to the gay massage community. No one does it except him.
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                                     Great Authentic Experience

“I booked AK for a massage, facial, scrub and bowl therapy. AK was very attentive and takes as good care of your skin as he does
your muscles mind and spirit. If you are looking for a real massage - full movement and strong pressure, AK is your guy. The bowl
therapy was different than what I was used to but nice to add something new to the experience.“

                           Charlie(came from France) posted his reviews for me at www.travelgayasia.com/29-11-2017

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy combined with
Massage Therapy Rates
Massage Code No: 2, 6 & 8

Rates in HK$
Cash or Credit Card
Payment By PayPal

Minute Session

2. Singing Bowl Sound Therapy combined with Men' s Skin
Reborn Facial Treatment

60 Minutes

6. Singing Bowl Sound Therapy combined with Full Body
Aromatherapy Massage

90 Minutes

8. Singing Bowl Sound Therapy combined with Full Body
Scrub Treatment + Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

130 Minutes

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy combined with
Massage Therapy Rates
Massage Code No: 3, 8, 16 & 19

Rates in HK$
Cash or Credit Card
Payment By PayPal

Minute Session

3. Singing Bowl Sound Therapy combined with Men's Skin
Reborn Facial Treatment

60 Minutes

8. Singing Bowl Sound Therapy combined with Full Body
Aromatherpy Massage

90 Minutes

16. Singing Bowl Sound Massage combined with Full Body
Scrub Treatment + Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

130 Minutes

19. Super Massage Therapy 3
Including the following treatments:
1. Singing Bowl Sound Therapy
2. Full Body Aromatherapy Massage
3. Full Body Scrub Treatment
4. Hot Stone Healing Treatment or
Thai Herbal Ball Healing Treatment
5. Full Body Skin Care Lotion Treatment
6. Men's Skin Reborn Facial Treatment
7. Chinese Herbal Hot Foot Spa

200 Minutes
Sound and vibration can be used to re-tune us back to health