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Peter came from Germany
Amazing Massage Therapist In His Creative Way Of Massage
/Apr 13, 2013
I have my shoulder problem and Akis was able to help relieve some of the
pain. He has studied several different types of massage and will use any
combination to relive your pain. I have been getting massages for so many
years and can’t tell you how lucky I have found Akis, Thanks sexy man."
Mohamed Shah Rezel came from Singapore
Let Me  Tell You How Great Akis Is & He Is The Best/May  24, 2013
"Akis's massage is one of the best I've had. Strong hands make sure you
get the best experience and leave you refreshed and relaxed. Your
whole body will be ting ling all over from the massage. Give your body a
treat and try his massage and you will feel good all over."
Matt came from Taiwan/travelgayasia.com
Good Massage To Recover in Hong Kong/Jul 19, 2013
easy to reach his cozy place. I was so tired after my China trip and I needed a very good massage to
recover in Hong Kong before I went home. AK gave me a wonderful massage and he has magic
hands to work on my body, he knew where to go deeper and lower and hit the right points. I felt so
relax and comfortable on his massage table. His place is very clean, mix and match design, together
with the amazing spa music, just made me feel stay longer in his place. I’d highly recommended AK
to anyone who look for a professional massage therapist. By the way, he is a sexy man!"
Cliff came from the US
LOVE His Strong & Soft Hands/Oct 3, 2013
"I heard that AK was a very professional massage therapist, therefore I clicked on his website which is
a very stylish and beautiful site. I called him to my hotel for out-call service and he was on time. I
tried his 120 minute Aroma Full Body Oil Massage Therapy + Full Body Scrub Treatment. As a result, I
would like to say AK has an excellent technique in massage. This was the best massage experience
that I've ever had. My massage, by his strong and soft hands, was fantastic. He is a friendly man
(and also sexy with his bearded look)."
Werner came from the US/travelgaysaia.com
Relax/Nov 4, 2013
"If you want a real massage, then you have to go to Akis. The best massage
I had have in HK ! I can highly
Carver came from Brazil/travelgayasia.com
Happy & Wonderful Massage Therapy/Nov 12, 2013
"AK gave me an amazing massage. It was a wonderful experience. I felt happy and relax throughout
the whole massage session. I enjoyed every minute of his special G-Men touch. His place is clean,
well decorated and full of his personal interior design. I plan to visit him next year
Allen came from the US/ travelgayasia.com
Massage Therapy Beyond My Expectations/Nov 21, 2013
"I was recommended by my Malaysia friend who had a great massage by AK last month in HK. I have
booked him before I came to HK but you must give him your mobile phone number in order that he
can pick you up in his area without  problem. The massage was way beyond my expectations and I
especially enjoyed with his facial massage and he was using a mixture of Chinese, Western, Thai and
India Style of massage. It was good to enjoy four types of massage in 120 minute session. His style of
massage is very different from any massages that I have had before. I had a lower back problem and
he used Chinese pressure point on me and now my pain is gone. He is a very friendly guy and made
me feel comfortable.I will recommend him to all my friends. Thanks AK, Good
Gino came from Malaysia/travelgayasia.com
Therapeutic & Happy Massage/Apr 13, 2014
"I have made an appointment with AK before I came to Hong Kong. He made me very comfortable
when I talked to him on the phone. This was my first massage session with him and I called him for
out-call service. He gave me the best M4M bodywork. I think he is now my no.1 massage therapist in
Hong Kong. His therapy was so therapeutic and his touch was just perfect."
Johnny came from Australia
Splendid Services/Apr 15, 2014
"AK Hug Massage: splendid services; personal pick up service; personal
warm welcome, personal touch for perfect infused massage and extra
comfortable massage area. I walked out as if I had a new body. I can
highly recommend AK."                                                                        
Julio came from Venezuela/travelgayasia.com
Great !!!!!!/Apr 16, 2014
" Excellent person, professional service, helpful and above all, the most
important thing is that he really is a therapist, I
Thibaut came from France/travelgayasia.com
Amazing Massage/May 29, 2014
"An amazing massage with an amazing massage therapist. I will come back for sure !"
Freeman came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Excellent Hotel Out-Call Massage/Jun 17, 2014
"I am a business man and I travel to different parts of the world. I just arrived Hong Kong yesterday and
I found AK Hug Massage from the travelgayasia.com. I booked AK for hotel out-call service. I have
been going to masseurs since my last 10 years during my trips. AK was one of best masseurs I met. I
had a beautiful massage by AK and he took me to a very relaxing session. His touch was beyond
description. The main subject was that he did it with all his heart. You would feel his heart working when
he touched your body. Just a note to thank you for today. If you are a reasonable man, there is no
way for you to make a complaint on his good services. Anyway, we can find trouble maker
everywhere in the world."                           
Kevin came from Korea/travelgayasia.com
Great Experience With AK/Sep 13, 2014
"The location is kinda tricky but he will guide you to reach the place. Just make sure you made the
appointment first. Recommended! very nice guy!"                                               
David came from Malaysia/travelgayasia.com
Extraordinary & Incredible Massage Night @ AK Hug Massage Center/Sep 30, 2014
"The masseur is very friendly and understanding. That was a heavy rainy day, I arrive late due to
traffic jam, he tend to wait me for half an hour in the taxi stop and show me the way to his massage
center. I had done with body scrub + aromatic massage. Be honest, that was an awesome massage
I ever done, his massage skills is extraordinary. It was a pleasure evening although the protest is held
outside…^_^… Strongly recommend to anyone who is tired after flight or those massage lovers."
Momo came from Italy/travelgayasia.com
This Man Is Awesome/Oct 6, 2014
"His touch is very professional, full body massage make you a new man. the place is comfortable
and calm, very relaxed.
Awesome! IS THE WORD THAT I CAN USE FOR HIM "                
Barry came from Nepal/travelgayasia.com
Great & Happy Massage/Mar 10 , 2015
"I had a (Great & Happy Massage) by AK.I was lucky enough to get a last minute appointment with
him. He added me full body skin care treatment after massage. He listened to my requests and
made sure that I felt comfortable. I booked him for hotel out-call services again before I left Hong
Kong. I highly recommend him if you need a strong Asian man for relaxing massage."
Peter came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Best Massage I've Had In Years/Apr 7, 2015
"Great massage, lived up to the reviews posted. Couldn’t have asked for a better massage after
flying 15 hours. AK is very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable. Will definitely use him again."
Tommy came from Malaysia/travelgayasia.com
Talented Massage/Aug 2, 2015
" AK is very talented in his massage way. Even though I was at my hotel very late at that night after
the long flight. I called him up to my hotel massage and he arrived within 30 minutes. Overall, he is
very professional and the treatment was great. I highly recommend him for those massage lovers if
you travel to Hong Kong !"
Tommy came from Hong Kong/Jul 30, 2012
" 一個細心的按摩師。Akis , Keep it on !"
" 好舒服的按摩服務、專業、認真、值得來放鬆身心!Thank You."
Alex Lee came from Hong Kong/Sep15, 2012
"Akis 說幫別人按摩等如接受按摩,在香港找一個自己喜歡及專業按摩師實在不易。我在 Facebook碰上了Akis,
所以就想試試他的手勢,發覺他真的不錯。他開始按摩前,先來接觸我的身體,給我抱抱(Hug Massage – The G-
Men Touch) ,他先讓我熟悉他的雙手,他靈活的雙手將我的身體融合在一起,他的按摩手法流暢,使我的筋絡得
很了不起 ! "
Eddie Leung came from Hong Kong/Oct 5, 2012
" 多謝Akis給我一極舒適的服務,力度及按摩技巧都能令你一試難忘。 Thanks AK."
Apichart Aksornpan came from Thailand
The Best Relaxing Massage in HK/Nov 6, 2012
" AK, sexy guy. He gave me the best relaxing massage. He provided me an excellent massage and
good enough to keep me happy and relax through the session. Along with his excellent choice of
music, he made session an escape. His place was easy to reach and this was my four appointments
with him. "
Nelson Came From Hong Kong/Nov 11, 2012
"AK Hug Massage, 不知係嘜東東?Massage Hug ? 我是一個每個月要做兩次按摩的人,想要試其他按摩師,之
照,他何來有如此功力令人信服?我就想知道,我預約了他第一次,他話 fully booked, 剛剛出門口要到酒店做
outcall,第二次才約到他做了90分鐘Aroma Full Body Oil Massage,最後我還加了半粒鍾,原來他是[頂瓜瓜]
的,無怪他的客人評語都是正面的,專業又細心,受過專業訓練真的不同。AK大隻、很喜歡他的山羊鬚 ,很有
型,我就是留不出的,他的胡子是不小同志喜愛的。  他的一對魔術手,令我的倦氣全消,而他又溫柔又使勁地為我
Artson came from the US
AK Is A Very Skillful, Friendly & Confident Massage Therapist/Dec 24, 2012
"AK has a great technique in his massage. He made me want to spend more hours lying on his
massage table. He knows your body where to go deeper or lighter. AK has provided a very warm
place, light music and his G-Men Touch was perfect. Thanks for your excellent massage."
Tom Came From Hong Kong/Dec 28, 2012
Phil came from China
AK is The Real Deal, Best Aroma Oil  Massage in Hong Kong !
/Sep 6, 2015
"Since I saw the reviews were excellent, therefore I text him for my hotel
services. He worked on my whole body from head to foot and made me
feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed his therapy. He offered me a full
end of the massage.  Now I believe why he has a lot of fans and the word
is spreading. His professional service is definitely worth more than he
charges for the fee. I would highly recommend him."
Paul came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
Awesome & Professional/Sep 25, 2015
"AK met me at the pick-up point with a welcoming smile and I was immediately at ease after I parked
my car at the parking area. He worked very well on my whole body and touched the right points. He
knows what he is doing and my pain and stress was gone. We were chatting different topics and he is
not just a massage therapist. He knows so many things and a educated man.I would not hesitate to
hire him when I am back to Hong Kong again."
D came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
Super Relaxing/Nov 1, 2015
“Good massage with a super relaxing head massage. Almost dozed off at that part! Body feel nice
and ready to go again!”
Alex came from Singapore/travelgayasia.com
Outstanding Experience/Nov 19, 2015
“AK has very unique and magnificent style of massage. A mixture of Thai, Chinese, Indian and
Swedish. Strong yet caring and soft. Very professional and highly skilled masseur. I like his style very
much. Never regret to try and will definitely come back.”
Zhipeng & Bruce Gay Couple came from Australia
A Unique Touch/Nov 25, 2015
“We were welcomed to AK’s cosy earthy studio in old airport area, with 3
hours back to back massage booked…What can I say, brilliant delivered!
Some really unique moves we’ve definitely never experienced before,
and eased our travel stress instantly, if i go back to HK and need a good
rub, I’ll go for AK, so should you ;-)”
Welcome Overseas Gay Couple come together to enjoy Back to Back Massage & get special FREE offer
Patrick Boittiaux came from Germany/travelgayasia.com
Best Masseur In Town !/Dec 5, 2015
“Had 90 fantastic minutes with a mix of oil massage and herbal balls
massage. AK is a wonderful masseur, deep and soft at the same time.
Can warmly recommend and will come again next time in town.”
Ken came from Philippines & HK/travelgayasia.com
Massage Worth Your While/Dec 11, 2015
"AK Hug Massage is reliably soothing and therapeutic. I was coming from an extremely toxic time at
work and had a few hours to spare over lunch so I went for AK’s in call massage. I was met with a
friendly wave and a big smile at the pick up point(which was made getting there easier because AK
gave further instructions to the cab driver in Chinese over the phone). The massage place looked
very professional and welcoming. It excluded a very zen atmosphere. The aromatherapy oil massage
which I had for 90 minutes was heavenly. The pressure was a good match for my tired muscles. I won’
t hesitate recommending him to anyone looking to have worthwhile relaxation in Hong Kong!"
Joe came from the US & Taiwan/travelgayasia.com
Good Massage Place/Jan 9, 2016
“AK knows how to do a good massage and it shows. He took the time to massage my shoulders
which were troubling me and gave a nice foot/hand/scalp massage too.”
Jerry came from Ireland/travelgayasia.com
Wow Excellent/Feb 2, 2016
"Great experience AK communicated to perfection. The massage was best ever. Will definitely use
AK if back in Hong Kong again. AK is for those looking for a real massage his two hour special met all
my needs.”
Peter came from Israel/travelgayasia.com
Great Massage!/Feb 14, 2016
“Great combination between different styles. Was extremely professional and relaxing. Came to my
hotel right on time and invested all the time and efforts needed to make this a great experience. AK is
a true professional!”
Ton came from Thailand/travelgayasia.com
The Perfect Massage/May 2, 2016
"I got the best massage experience in Hong Kong. With AK massage!! Very very good service and very
very skillful in different style massages. Highly recommend!!”
Blue came from Hong Kong & China/travelgayasia.com
Best Massage In Town/Apr 22, 2016
“This is the fourth time I visit AK for the best massage in Hong Kong so far, it’s really professional and
relaxing. The place is pretty zen feeling and with a great atmosphere together with nice music. The
whole process is awesome, I am totally impressed by his professional skills and it makes you feel so
comfortable and relax. I also tried the facial treatment and it’s fantastic. Feel very refreshing after and
skin like reborn."
World came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Great Massage/May 7, 2016
“I contacted AK last minute upon my arrival to Hong Kong, he was very accommodating with my
schedule and gave a wonderful massage. I will definitely repeat my business."
Teo came from Canada/travelgayasia.com
Great Unexpected Facial Treatment & Massage/May 14, 2016
"I came to Hong Kong yesterday. I tried their AK Men's facial treatment and massage. This was my
first time to have a men's facial. It was a wonderful, unexpected experience and had a good result -
my skin looks great, very soft and smooth afterwards. AK is very knowledgeable and he explained
every step of the procedure to me. The massage was also very relaxing and amazing. His treatments
were definitely the highlight of my Hong Kong trip."
Trent came from UK/travelgayasia.com
Wonderful Warm Welcoming/May 31, 2016
“This was a great trip to AK’s place – a generous and warm man, and all man. He is not your average
can’t wait to finish, superficial masseur. He takes the time and does the detail. And he is highly skilled
combining a range of techniques from various parts of the world with Chinese and Thai as central. He is
a sensual masseur too with a great instinct. Highly recommended.”
"首先多謝我這位客人的評語及他的朋友代為發放,由於小弟客人衆多,就叫他做G君吧!可能 G 君日常工作繁重
及貴人善忙,小弟在按摩和健康行業(Massage Therapy & Wellness)赫赫有名,尤其是世界各地gay
www.travelgayasia.com 歡迎G君再次光臨,再次為您服務,别忘带上按摩優惠卷。"
"呢個係代朋友出的 Review : 可能冇乜人知呢個 AK 私按,佢係土瓜灣有個私人地方,可以做按摩 Facial 等等,
我上次就去搵佢做按摩,好手勢,AK 話係幾中式用泰式混合來做,但又出奇地夾,好舒服。AK 係成熟運動款,
鬚根又好性感,配合埋佢 D 獨特手法,真係好興奮!"
中式、西式、泰式、印度式混合香薰推油按摩療程/June 5, 2016
香港G君 - 對AK按摩療程的評語/sogayhk01.wordpress.com
Kingsley came from Taiwan/travelgayasia.com
Excellent Massage In Hong Kong/July 2, 2016
“Excellent massage in Hong Kong! I strongly recommend to all people who like or need massage.”
John came from Hong Kong/travelgayasia.com
Good Massage & Facial Treatment/July 26, 2016
“I have tried body’ scrub, oil massage and facial treatment. AK’s skills are extraordinarily good. The
studio is homey and comfy, thought it is situated at an old building.”
Scott came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Dope!!!/July 26, 2016
“I had AK massage, body scrub and facial treatment, it was so amazing, totally relieved! Reasonable
price, excellent service, why not!? Moreover, AK is a very kind person, friendly, had good
conversations with him. Strongly recommend!”
(Scott has tried and tested my Men's Skin Reborn Facial Treatment)
James came from Malaysia & Hong Kong/travelgayasia.com
Must Try!!!/July 31, 2016
“I have tried many massages and treatments in many facilities all over Hong Kong and I have to say
AK is one of the very best! Offering personalised service and AK makes the effort to even meet me at
the bus stop for my first visit to ensure I do not get lost to his facility – which is situated in a quaint
residential area. It was truly relaxing after anext invigorating body scrub, an oil massage infused with
sandalwood scent and facial to finish – apparently using a Korean brand mask. I think what makes AK
massage so different is due to the techniques, combining Chinese acupressure with Thai style
stretching, and my favourite is the Indian head and scalp massage and face massage prior to facial. A
great way to spend the weekend and to pamper."
Eric came from Taiwan/travelgayasia.com
A 5-Star Massage/Aug 20, 2016
“I’d like to add mine to a long list of very positive reviews. AK gave an outstanding massage. I didn't
feel rushed, and therefore felt relaxed. He combined various  traditions of massage techniques, and
the result was effective. The head and face message at that end was a nice touch. Also, the rate was
very reasonable. I plan to go back when my body needs another truly therapeutic message. The
studio itself is very clean, well-maintained and comfortable though.”
Armando came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Best Men's Skin Reborn Facial Plus Outstanding Massage/Aug 28, 2016
“I was recommended to look for AK Hug Massage by my friend in LA. It was my first trip to Hong Kong.
I booked him before my arrival. I am a 45-year old guy from New York. I had my first Men’s facial with
AK. He did a great job with my face. My face has never felt softer as what he said in his website. “ A-
Must Try for the most soothing effects !” My skin is glowing and more toned now, the pores on my nose
are clear and my skin is now youth-looking, such an used Chinese Acupressure,Thai, Indian and
Swedish Massage. It was absolutely fantastic to experience four types of massage movements and
my whole body felt like a new person. AK is a ture massage professional is giving more than you get! I
was very happy being served by AK!”
Klaus came from Denmark/travelgayasia.com
Best Massage So Far/Oct 1, 2016
"I've been staying in Hong Kong for about a year and have tried out different massage places.The Full
Body Scrub plus Aroma Oil Massage I got today, is the best I had so far. AK provides good mix of
different techniques, both enough pain to work my tense neck muscles and pleasure, so you come
out relaxed and comfortable. I will highly recommend AK.”
Amiram came from Isreal
The 3-Hours Therapy Package Was Excellent & Pure Pampering/Oct 5, 1026
“Prices was reasonable - it cost me HK$950. AK was so incredibly welcoming. The package included
four type of massage (Chinese, Swedish, Thai and Indian), body scrub, skin care, Thai herbal ball or hot
stone, Chinese herbal hot foot spa and Skin Reborn facial treatment - totally from head to toe. Even
though I am a big guy, AK had a pair of strong, magic hands to renew my body and fully recharge
my mind. The massage was excellent with perfect pressure and really professional.”
Massage Code No : 18 - Super MassageTherapy 2 /180 Minutes
Felton came from Hong Kong/travelgayasia.com
Strong Hands Massage/Oct 9, 2016
“If you’re looking for a massage with strong hands, then you can come to AK. My back pain has gone
massage. He kept his pressure at appropriate level. I’ve had a facial and hot stone therapy and I like it
very much. Had a great experience with AK. He was detail-oriented and made sure that I was
enjoying his massage. Finally, I have purchased the massage discount coupons and can’t wait for my
next massage!”
Massage Code No: 18 - Super Massage Therapy 2 /180 Minutes
Tony came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
Great Scrub & Massage/Oct 10, 2016
“I went to AK for his scrub and massage combination for 150mins. AK has
a well setup area for massage with a huge range of oils and lotions. He
gives a mix of styles in his massage and his hands are strong and his touch
hits all the right pressure points. I left AK feeling rejuvenated with muscle
stress gone. Be sure to try AK next time you are in Hong Kong."
Massage Code No: 17 - Super Massage Therapy 1/150 Minutes
SF came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Fantastic Welcome to Hong Kong!/Oct 15, 2016
“Without having done much research before I arrived, I did some googling and stumbled upon AK –
and I’m thrilled that I did! I chose the 130 minute out call scrub, massage and facial. Ordinarily I’d stick
to just massage, but branched out since the price was right. Each service was great – AK works with
you to choose the right pressure and uses a variety of techniques, all of which I enjoyed. He’s
professional, authentic, and talented! If you’re not sure what to choose amongst many of the listings
online, do yourself a favor and choose AK. You won’t regret it!”
JC came from the US/travelgayasia.com
AK - Amazing Massage/Nov 21, 2016
“My second visit to AK was excellent. I had a last minute trip to Hong Kong and texted AK when I
arrived. This time I took a package including facial, body scrub, massage and herbal foot soak. It was
the perfect treatment after 15-hour flight. AK is  an excellent massage therapist and I will definitely
book  another appointment on my next trip."
Massage Code No : 18 -  Super Massage Therapy 2/ 180 Minutes

Gregor came from Germany/travelgayasia.com
Very Nice & Relaxing Massage/Nov 26, 2016
“The AK massages are highly professional, I felt myself extremely
confident and relaxed. The body scrub and body massages were
outstanding! My back pain is gone! AK is a very attentive person who
makes you feel comfortable in his cosy studio. I will definitely come back!“
Massage Code No: 17 -  Super Massage Therapy 1/150 Minutes

David came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Wonder Body Scrub, Massage & Facial/Dec 3, 2016
“AK is one of the best. He came to my hotel earlier this week and gave
me a body scrub, massage and facial. It was wonderful. I felt
rejuvenated and relaxed at the end. I would highly recommend AK. He is
very friendly, strong!, easy to talk to and enjoyable to be around.“
(David has tried and tested My Men's Skin Reborn Facial Treatment)
Gregor came from Germany/travelgayasia.com
Outstanding Experience/Dec 4, 2016
"It was my second time  by AK before first here a week ago.  Definitely best decision before long flight
back to Europe. It is so healing and relaxing. His hands are very soft and next moment extremely
strong. He is one of the best professionals I ever had experienced. I will always book a session while in
Massage Code No: 17 - Super Massage Therapy 1 /150 Minutes
Xav came from the US/travelgayasia.com
The Best/Jan 22, 2017
“It was a great experience. Friendly, warm but also a good and real
therapist who cured my old and painful shoulder problem. Can't wait
being in Hong Kong again.“
Hiro came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Good Communications and Very Professional Massage/Feb 26, 2017
“I just wanted to get a real good massage (no sexual) while I was in HK for layover. I asked a friend of
mine in HK, and he recommended AK. I exchanged messages with AK by LINE. He was very prompt
and answered all my questions I had. Since I didn't have time in HK, I asked him to come over to my
hotel. He was very punctual and he even messaged me on his way to my hotel. He was a very
nice/friendly guy and very easy to talk to. His massage was great and 120 min plus 30 min facial
passed so quickly. Thank you for the great massage! I will try AK again next time I visit HK
Joe came from the US/travelgaysaia.com
Best In Hong Kong/Feb 26, 2017
“Really the best massage I ever had! 90 minutes of relaxation and best
will fall asleep."
Jan came from Czech Republic/travelgayasia.com
Actually, The Best Massage I Have Had/April 15, 2017
“Nice clean room, strong armed nice man :) had full body scrub massage
and facial treatment. That was really relaxing and my face looked a lot
better after reborn :)“
P came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Great Massage & Facial!/April 27, 2017
“Wonderful experience- look and feel refreshed and younger. Great
energy, great skills, very nice guy!“
Rafael came from Philippines/travelgayasia.com
Invigorating Massage in Kowloon/June 21, 2017
“Called AK for an in-room hotel appointment on short notice, and was gracefully accommodated.
90-minute massage was a vigorous mix of Swedish, Chinese & Indian techniques. World's apart from
the sensual Swedish strokes that bring you to the brink of sleep. You end up alive and tingling!“
Great massage/June 25, 2017
“A very good massage, certainly found and worked out those knots after flying half way around the
world and being hunched over a laptop for the last week. Definitely recommend, although would
suggest Out Call and his place is a little tricky to find."
Aliton came from the US/travelgayasia.com
AK- HK Top Rated Massage Therapist/July 27, 2017
“Viewed a lot of massage reviews in HK from travelgayasia.com and learnt that AK reviews are always
THE BEST and professional, other massage spa reviews are not stable and it seems that it depends on
your luck. I did not want to take the risks and finally choose AK who is very accommodating my
requests. AK is great and true professional therapist! It was such amazing massage treatment on my
last day in Hong Kong. Wonderful experience from start to finish. I will come back to Hong Kong again
next week and will book AK again!“
Aliton came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Super & Heavenly Services/July 31, 2017
“This was my second visit to AK cozy place this afternoon. I was here last week. This time I picked up
the package Super Massage Therapy 2-180 minutes. A superb exclusively 3 hours treatment. AK has
a creative use of various type of massage techniques and made me so comfortable and relaxing.
The package is also included facial treatment and it made my skin feel rejuvenated and reborn. I
noticed that my blackheads are cleaner. I could see the difference in my face just after one
treatment. AK did a great job. Highly recommended!“
Massage Code No: 18 - Super Massage Therapy 2 /180 Minutes
Andrew came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
Great Massage Highly Recommend/Sep 2, 2017
“AK is a great guy but also does an amazing massage. Best massage ever I will be back. Make
sure you visit him when in Hong Kong.“
Warm & Professional Massage/Sep 8, 2017
“I got the body scrub and oil massage. My neck and shoulders were tired and I felt refreshed
afterwards. AK is experienced and has a warm and comfortable touch. I would recommend it."
Rob came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
Excellent!/Sep 20, 2017
“Excellent, personalised service from a caring and friendly guy, AK provided
an outstanding massage experience. Amazing scalp massage! No
hesitation in recommending - I'll be back!“
Servicing My Customers More Than 56 Countries Till Now
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Hong Kong
Ted came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
My Return Visit/Mar 18, 2015
"Excellent massage and it’s my return visit this time. AK is quite friendly with very good massage
technique which cure my pain. Will be back next time! "                                                           
JC came from the US/travelgayasia.com
Great Massage/Apr 14,2016
“AK delivered a truly great therapeutic massage. Easy to find his place and he met me per his exact
instructions. I will definitely be back the next trip to Hong Kong.”
Tito came from Philippiness/travelgayasia.com
Great masseur/Mar 31, 2018
“AK WAS THE BEST MASSEUR I EVER HAD. Very respectful and really knew how to soothe an aching
body using different massage techniques such as thai and swedish. Body scrub and facial treatment
were a treat! Will certainly go back someday!“
Carlson came from US/travelgayasia.com
Memorable Experience/April 21, 2018
“I’ve been going to AK Hug Massage for over 3 years now. I couldn’t image letting myself go
anywhere else when I made my trips to Hong Kong.
As usual, AK gave me the excellence. AK’s 200 minute super therapy 3 hit everything I needed for.
AK new place itself is extremely welcoming and nice decoration. My bf had the same therapy with
AK on the other day and he said that AK is absolutely worth every dollar spent! I would highly
recommend AK to gay travelers locals alike.“
Tito came from Philippiness/travelgayasia.com
Another great massage/April 27, 2018
“With an overnight stay in Hong Kong I was lucky to book AK at short notice. The 90 minute
massage was superb. This time it's the singing bowl sound therapy that was truly a treat. It quieted
my anxiety and made me feel so relaxed. And as usual, AK's skilful hands soothed my aching
shoulders and legs. I slept like a baby afterwards!!! With such kindness and expertise, i highly
recommend AK to everyone. Will definitely go back again some time. Thanks AK!“
Michael came from US/travelgayasia.com
Fantastic Massage/April 29, 2018
“I have had the please to see AK a couple of times. Once an outcall to my hotel and today an
incall session. Today I got to spend just over 3 hours with AK. The massage was excellent and the
other treatments were amazing too. He is so friendly and kind, even with me not being in shape. If
you get a chance, please book some time with him!“
Wilson came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
Professional & Skillful Massager/June 2, 2018
“I have a 120 minute facial & body scrub/massage with AK. The massage was fantastic! My skin is so
smooth and clean after the facial and body scrub. I feel 100% recharged.“
Aliman came from Jordan/travelgayasia.com
Wonderful Treatment With Singing Bowl Sound Massage/Aug 2, 2018
“I had a wonderful massage during my business trip in Hong Kong from AK.He knows what he's doing.I
have selected his Super Massage Therapy 3 (200)minutes which included the unique Singing Bowl
Sound Masssge.It is a deep healing vibration and positive energy.I felt that it has destoryed all my
hidden negative and subconscious blockages by his singing bowls.I love it. Totally awesome.AK is
very attentive and professional.
He provided me a fantastic and happy treatment.I highly recommend AK for those travellers who
need a relaxing massage or unique treatments by AK“
Felton came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
Fantastic Singing Bowl And Tuning Forks Sound Therapy/Aug 14,
“It was my second apppintment. My first booking with AK was two years
ago. As I knew that he books out very quickly, so I booked him before I
arrived Hong Kong. This HK trip, I have tried his unique Singing Bowl and
Tuning Forks Therapy combined with Full Body Aromatherapy.

AK told me that this therapy is great for people who are particularly
stressed or worried. His treatment took me to a level of relaxation and I felt
positively blissful and fell asleep during the session.I would highly
recommend AK,not only does he has magic hands, he is very polite,
professional, with a wide depth of massage knowledge.“
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Therapy/Smudging With White Sage Healing Experience about AK Hug Massage/Gay MassageHK
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What you need to know before getting a
massage ?
Hugo came from Canada/travelgayasia.com
AK - Talented Therapist/Sep 13, 2018
“AK has a very unique style massage. I have booked a Men's Skin Reborn Facial Treatment
combined with Singing Bowl + Tuning Fork Sound Therapy. I suffer a lot of my back problems and this
therapy could relieve my pain and discomfort. I had a very good sleep at my hotel after the
treatment and it was one of the best massage I ever had in Hong Kong! AK is amazing! Highly
recommend a visit if you have a chance in Hong Kong!“
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Gilson came from US/travelgayasia.com
A Very Gay Friendly Touch/Sep18, 2018
“A very gay friendly touch guy who is very professional and caring. AK is very skillful and responsive to
requests. I gave him extra because he gave me an amazing massage. Give him a try, you won't
regret it! Highly recommended!“
AK很專業及按摩水準之高超乎你想像/Dec 4, 2018
Ronald came from Hong Kong/sogayhk01.wordpress.com
Andy came from Hong Kong/travelgayasia.com
Fantastic Sound Massage/Dec 5, 2018
“Awesome massage plus unique Singing Bowl & Tuning Fork Sound Massage.Great experience, I had
no idea Sound Massage could heal my pain.AK is very attentive, great skills and accommodated my
need. He is a real deal and delivered a five star massage therapy for me.....had a great time!"

Andy came from HK & UK/travelgayasia.com
Great Massage From Friendly Professional Guy - Recommended By A Local !/Sep13, 2015
"If you are looking for a professional massage from a guy who knows what he is doing – look no
further. I live in Hong Kong and so have tried a few places offering ‘massage’ but this guy is the
real thing. I traveled to his location – which is tastefully decorated and super clean and has a
great shower ! -but if don’t know Kowloon or are just here for a short time he also makes outcalls.
Recommended by a local !"
Abraham came from the US/travlelgayasia.com
5 Star Massage with AK/Sep 21, 2015
"My 120 minutes massage with Akis more than lived up with the excellent reviews. I came from New
York and work in Hong Kong for few months. I was recommended by my friend to look for Akis in
Hong Kong and I ordered him for hotel service. He is really a nice guy and very professional in
massage therapy. He has great hands and I felt very relaxed. The personal touches enhanced the
overall wonderful experience. If you look for 5 Star Massage experience,then you should try Akis and
see him yourself.I felt totally at ease and like a new man after his powerful touches. Once again,
thanks Akis…well done….Hugssssss…."

昨天剛試了AK的颂缽及音叉聲頻治療加按摩療程, 「 超 正] 無怪世界名地遊客慕名而來 、 他很專業及按摩水準
之高超 乎你想像 ,他連續 4 年被travelgayasia.com評為 5星级最優秀專業按摩及聲頻治療師, 自己去試試最好 ,
Johnson came from Hong Kong/sogayhk01.wordpress.com
建議我用音叉聲顱頻治療,很神奇/Dec 31, 2018
我有一個做gym 師兄推介我去找AK, 因做gym 弄壞了手臂, AK 建議我用声頻治療 ,很神奇,他用音叉將我右臂醫
好, 已沒有那麽痛.看他的外國客人網站好評留言 , 也不用我多講, 一個真正專業按摩及声頻治療師.
My friend told me that I should view the most popular leading gay website travelgayasia.com which.
I have found AK Hug Massage. He is the only one could provide 180-minute massage treatment in
Hong Kong. I talked to him on the phone (He said that one does it better than him) before I made
my decision and he said that this therapy is created by him and exclusively for men. I just wonder if
he is not professional, how could he handle his customers for 3 hours treatment, so I made up my
mind to try his massages.

He picked me up down stair in this old interesting area To Kwa Wan. I would say this 180 minutes
treatment was the highlight of my Hong Kong trip. His treatment was great and relaxing and more
than I expected, his hugs made me so comfortable. I loved the hot stones and signature facial
treatment especially. AK is a very friendly and welcoming man.

I feel the need to write this review because he is really a pro massage therapist and would like to
share his skillful massage technique to other gay travellers when they come to Hong Kong! Needless
to day,I will return for his amazing massages some future dates. You donˊt need to check the long
massage listings. He is your best choice!“
Massage Code No: 18 - Super Massage Therapy 2/180 Minutes
Paul came from Norway/travelgayasia.com
Unbelievable! What A Super Massage Therapy/Sep 21,
“I used to search massage info at an old gay website (over
20 years), every year when I planned my trip to Asia. I
clicked in this old site again yesterday before I went to Hong
Kong.  OMG! this old site is still keeping the old design over
20 years. Could you believe it? Itˊs really outdated and ugly
design layout. I found out itˊs not professional contents at
all. I could not find any updated massage info and also they
gave out wrong info, besides there are no customers
reviews as well.
Paul came from Norway/travelgayasia.com
AK Provides Excellent Transit Massage!/Sep 28, 2017
“I was just transit for 8 hours in Hong Kong and staying at airport hotel. I went to AK's
place last week. Suddenly,I need to come again for my business meetings at airport. I
called up AK again to come to my hotel room for massage. This guy is undoubtedly
accommodating my request and he arrived my hotel within one hour's time. He is
top ranking Hong Kong masseur that he could still how to provide excellent.massage
at a hotel soft bed. Like last time, his massage was extremely good.and he really
offered a great convenience to me. Hiighy recommend is the only word I can use for
Joel came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
Awesome Experience/Oct 23, 2017
“This is by far one of the best massages I have ever had. AK is very friendly and professional.
Although it is located in an rather old building, AK kept his place clean, cozy, and well maintained.
The massage is firm but relaxing at the same time. I was so happy with the experience I booked the
next appointment with him right away. Highly recommended!!“
Charlie came from French/travelgayasia.com
Great Authentic Experience/Nov 29, 2017
“I booked AK for a massage, facial, scrub and bowl therapy. AK was very
attentive and takes as good care of your skin as he does your muscles mind
and spirit. If you are looking for a real massage - full movement and strong
pressure, AK is your guy. The bowl therapy was different than what I was used
to but nice to add something new to the experience.“
Massage Code No:6 - Singing Bowl Sound Therapy combined with Full Body
Scrub Treatment + Full Body Aromatherapy Massage/130 Minutes
A came from US/travelgayasia.com
Very Relaxing/Jan 8, 2018
“AK was very friendly and respectful throughout. I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the
therapy session. Would highly recommend, I feel very rejuvenated afterwards!!!“
Brent came from Hong Kong/travelgayasia.com
Fantastic/Jan 16, 2018
“Got a 90mins massage with AK with the Singing Bowl ritual. The Singing
Bowl is very clamming and relaxing. AK has excellent massage skills, he is
very professional and welcoming, will definitely recommend.“
Jo came from France/travelgayasia.com
Very Nice Experience/Feb 7, 2018
“I really appreciated the 90-min aroma therapy massage by AK who is very professional and a really
kind person. The facial treatment he gave was a really nice way to end the massage. I will absolutely
recommend AK. Thank you for your kindness.“
Hugo came from US/travelgayasia.com
A Great Massage/Dec 31, 2018
“AK gave me a great massage.I booked him again while my business trip in Hong Kong and he came
to my hotel room on time.He is very professional and welcoming man. His touch was just perfect to
made me feel very relaxing. We had a great time together at the end, I highly recommend you
should try his Sound Therapy which turne away your negative energy from your body and feel
Leong came from Singapore/rentmasseur.com
Men's Skin Rebron Facial Treatment With Crystal Chakra Healing/Jan 4, 2019
"I had my first facial treatment with crystal chakra healing with AK after seeing his great reviews
about him.His unique crystal facial was actually excellent experience.He put different crystals on my
body(7 Chakras) during the facial session.I felt my body was recharged and my body pain has
gone.His touch was strong,soft and sensual.AK is very professional and his massage skills was
amazing.Highly recommend."
Thesolovoyager came from US/rentmasseur.com
Your Body Will Melt Under His Touch/Feb 14, 2019
Wow! I feel so amazing! Thank you so much, AK, for this wonderful experience! AK arrived right on
time to my hotel room, and we began immediately. The massage and body scrub were very
relaxing. My skin is nice and soft, and my body feels amazing. All of my knots and soreness are gone!
If you're in HK, do not hesitate to book with AK. He's such a nice guy, very knowledgeable, and gives
goor tips on things to do. AK should be a must see attraction in the city. Your body will melt under his
Terry came from Australia/travelgayasia.com
Awesome Singing Bowl Sound Massage/Feb 21, 2019
“I have read one of AK's customer reviews saying that "AK should be a must-see attraction in the
city", so I made up my mind to give him a try during my stay in Hong Kong. I have selected his Singing
Bowl Vibration plus Aromatherapy. It was a great experience to me, and the sound therapy made
me filled with new energy. He put 3 bowls around my body and it calmed my mind and my body pain
has gone as well. AK is very professional, friendly guy and always gives you a positive energy. Highly
recommend. Thank you, AK!“