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AK Hug Massage/Sound TherapyHK
AK (Akis Tan) of AK Hug Massage(Gay MassageHK)/Sound TherapyHK offers you different Type of
Massage Therapies, Singing Bowl & Tuning Forks Sound Therapies, Men's Skin Reborn Facial Treatment
With Crystal 7 Chakra Healing and Smudging With White Sage/Palo Santo Holy Wood Healing
Treatment. A good massage should touch you on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I
am a full time skilled Personal Certified Massage  Therapist and Qualified Singing Bowl & Tuning Fork
Sound Therapist. I was trained by Sound Healing Master BS Private Class in Hong Kong and at the
Kathmandu Center of Healing, Nepal. Sound Massage Therapy is able to heal myself and my
worldwide customers around the world.

The Sound Massage Therapy
The Sound Massage Therapy works by sound and vibration. Our body consisits of about 80% of water.
If your body comes in contract with a sound e.g. during a sound massage the vibrations spread out
in concentric circles in the whole body like a drop falls in the water. These gentle vibrations can
loosen and release tensions and blockages in the muscles joints and also in the entire body. Moreover,
I am also working as a Professional Freelance Desktop and Mobile Website Designer

Professional Recognition & Massage Audience Awards
I am very proud and honored to be rated again as 2019 Massage Audience Awards 5 Star Hong
Kong Winner by the TravelGayAsia.com and the only 5 consecutive years won the Hong Kong 5 Star
Winner.  Furthermore, I was awarded the only 5 Star Hong Kong Winner in  2015, 5 Star in 2016,2017 &
2018, 4 Star Winner in 2014 and 2013. In 2018 & 2019 I am proud to be approved as a  the only Hong
Kong Certified Masseur by RentMasseur.com and 5 Star rating as well.  If you're looking for a great
and relaxing massage/sound massage by a healthy and strong Asian Man, undoubtedly, I am your
True Professional Massage & Sound Therapist in Hong Kong.

Hotel Out-Call & In-Call Massage Services
I am a mixed nationality and I was well-trained in Canada, Thailand, Nepal, Hong Kong and China
since 2005. I live in Hong Kong  and speak very good English, Mandarin, Cantonese and a bit of Thai
Language. I am using a mixture of Massage Therapies such as Swedish Aroma Oil Massage , Chinese
Acupressure Point Massage , Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage , Sports Massage , Face/Head &
Scalp Massage , Foot Massage , Lingam Massage,  interactive with Thai Massage and India Method.
Moreover,  I'm the only HK Gay Sound Therapist who can do Singing Bowl & Tuning Fork Sound
Massage . You will enjoy 4 types of therapies(Swedish, Chinese, Thai and Indian) during your massage
sessions with me. My techniques are Deep & Strong,  Soft & Caring. Your body will love my magic
hands. I can tailor your individual needs and special requestes. I have my own way of getting you to
relax. My massage experience is to relieve your stress and allow you to start your day over fresh. In-
Call/Hotel Out-Call Massages and Last-Minute Bookings are available. Until presently, my customers
came from more than 58 countries around the world.

Professional Massage & Sound Therapist
more than 10 years work experience
The Power Of G-Men Touch By AK
Deep & Strong   Soft & Caring
The Brief Introduction Of Myself

AK Massage & Sound Therapist Has Earned The Following

* Certificate in Singing Bowls & Tuning Fork Sound Therapy/Healing
Treatment Advanced Training Course By Sound Healing Master BS
Private Class in Hong Kong &
Nepal Singing Bowls at the Kathmandu Center of Healing, Nepal

* Certificate in Massage for reclaming Body & Soul - Eastern Therapy
of Therapeutic Massage, Canada

* Certificate in Facial Training & Skin Care Therapy Program,
Oasis Facial Academy, Canada

*  Certificate in Thai Herbal Compress & Herbal Aroma Massage,
The Thai Spa Academy International,Thailand

*  Certificate in Classic Thai Herbal Massage Therapy, Spare-Time
Centre, Hong Kong

*  Certificate in Chinese Medical Chiropractor & Pressure Therapy
Training, Spare-Time Centre,
Hong Kong
A Symphony Of Light
stand out over all the rest...?
Whatsapp: + 852 9882 2943   Line ID: tan2000   WeChat ID: Akistan
Call AK directly at 852 9882 2943                 Email: akistan001@gmail.com      
In-Call Services - 12:00 Noon Time - 11:00 pm Midnight
Hotel Out-Call Services - 12:00 Noon Time - 02:00 am
Extended Hours or Good Morning Hotel Out-Call Massage can be requested
by Customers. You are always WELCOME  and AK is always at your services
2 Tsap Fai Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong(10 mins walk from Lai Chi Kok MTR Station EXIT B1)
AK will pick you up from his area Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon only and it is very
easy to reach his cozy place no matter which Hong Kong Areas you start to come
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